Website migration

Ever tried to move your website yourself? Was it painless?

If not, we can help you get this task done properly, trouble free and fast!

Our team can transfer any website to a new host within hours. We can also help you transfer only parts of your website so you keep costs down. Moving large databases is our passion, helping your business is our job.

ThinkOvi! – Move a  website with us!

1.Make Inquiry2.Buy Service3.We move it!

We will try to keep this price as fair as possible considering our limited time, however for outstanding larger sites we will be able to negotiate the transfer fee.

Basically, if you site is built on an online platform like Joomla! , Drupal, WordPress or other publishing platforms, we are able to keep the costs in order.

Below we have created some basic steps to follow in getting your website moved faster:

Basic Steps

  1. Enquire now – send us the site details so we can get you a fair quote
  2. Make payment – we send you the payment link for the quoted price fee
  3. Send us the move details* – see below
  4. We start the move process – process updates will be posted in your inquiry ticket

The basic move details*

  • Original location details:
  • original site url and ftp details to get the files
  • original site administration area details if you are using an online publishing platform(Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal ..)
  • Restore location details:
  • the new location ftp and database details(if your original site was based on a dynamic database)
  • the new location temporary url if available

Guarantee – 30 days or more!

After the site is moved, you will have a complete functional site as on the original location as long as the hosting environment is compatible.

While sometimes there might be issue related to the hosting environment, we will help you resolve this with your hosting company.

Transferring websites, let us help you!

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