How to Backup your site – for Free

I would like to introduce to you XCloner, a free backup and restore utility developed with the purpose of making your PHP/Mysql website backup trouble free. XCloner can create a full backup of your website files and mysql databases, and …

Joomla password reset

So you are trying to access your Joomla site backend and notice the password you are using is no good?

Well, here is a simple solution for you to reset your Joomla password in a few easy steps:

Google insights into human behaviour

I was playing today with the google insights utility, and here some interesting search patterns based on the graphic shown, please note the repetitive patterns on the graphic for each year: insights for the term “future” shows an increasing in …

Joomla hosting

Since Joomla! popularity is considerable increasing, choosing a good hosting company for your website is an important factor for your online presence.

Through our experience, here are some good joomla hosting companies we recommend, list will continue to be updated:

Linux online backup

Backing up your data is an essential procedure for your business safety! When talking Linux online backups, creating backups of your data and sending them to a safe location is a pretty straightforward task.

Lets analyze some of the tasks that can be done only by the use of a secure command shell:

Redirecting url with a rewrite rule

Lets suppose you have made some changes to your website and you want to redirect some pages to their new url format, this .htaccess rewrite rule might come in handy: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^(.*)subpage1/subpage2/mypage.html$ RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} Itemid=91&page=mypage$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ …

Recovering from disk failures

Data recovery
Data recovery

As you might know, disk drives, specially in high usage areas like hosting enviroments, have a tendency of crashing from time to time.

Most crashes you will encounter are related to bad blocks on your hard drive which in some cases will stop your operating system from booting, leaving your server at a stop. There are several utilities which can help you detect and fix the bad blocks at a software level, like the FSCK(file system check) available for Linux, or CHKDSK and SCANDISK for Windows, however there are situations when the bad block can’t be fixed, most of the cases due to a critical error.

While this doesn’t happen constantly or too often, it would be nice to think that there might be ways to recover data that might be business critical, and here is how:

Down and dirty with SquirrelMail

SquirrelMail Logo
SquirrelMail Logo

I have to admit, the gmail and yahoo new email interfaces are great, if you don’t mind the advertising, and very easy to use, however i have been using for a long time SquirrelMail to access the email directly on my server!

While the interface that comes with the cpanel installation is very basic, there is one thing i would have liked to have, like in Yahoo, when you get an email, the page title automatically changes with the number of unread emails!

Installing PHP on Windows got easier! finally….!

It seems that, earlier this year, Microsoft released a small application called Web Platform Installer , a utility meant to be dead simple to install a range of web applications and get your website up and going fast on a …