Choosing a good host for your site!

Choosing a good hosting company for your website/business is essential in your successful presence online. From our experience not all hosting companies provide what they advertise, however you need to think twice when moving your site on their servers. It’s like taking your car to the car wash, do you trust them they won’t scratch it?

  • What might be good for someone with lets say a simple html website, might not be really that good for you, since you would need more resources when running a database driven application for instance, make sure their infrastructure deliver
  • Before getting a shared hosting account, ask about the hosting account limitations, like memory usage, mysql maximum number of queries per hour, file write size limit in case you plan to take backups of your site
  • Before getting your site moved or created at a new hosting company, do not go on and buy yourself a one year contract, but instead try them for one month, it might save you some good money
  • Read everything on their site, policy, term of business, infrastructure, find out why they offer that small price? Is it because they can afford that because they have a large clustered facility or is it because they simply don’t care how slow their clients sites work because servers are overloaded?
  • Read everything you find about them on other sites, ask about them in a hosting forum, do a google search
  • Or maybe you are ready to manage your own dedicated server? A hosting company with a good support response will be most indicated since they will deal directly with your server, and ideally, in a small amount of time.  Before getting a server, try and contact them through various channels(phone, email, fax) at different periods of the day and test that they really are online as they advertise.

These are only some guidelines we have build for ourself through experince, in the end, everybody is free to choose their hosting company based on their own judgement

Good luck!

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