Linux online backup

Backing up your data is an essential procedure for your business safety! When talking Linux online backups, creating backups of your data and sending them to a safe location is a pretty straightforward task.

Lets analyze some of the tasks that can be done only by the use of a secure command shell:

1. Creating a backup for your files – this simple tutorial from DebianHelp shows how you can create a tar backup of your files, which can include one or more directories and files

2. Creating a mysql database backup for one or multiple databases can be done by using the mysqldump utility, this tutorial might be of further use

3. Sending your backup to another location, presuming an  ftp server, can be achieved with the wput utility

Basic usage:  wput ftp://[username[:password]@]hostname[:port][/[path/][file]]

4. Advanced tools to look into:

rsync: open source utility for fast incremental file transfer

bacula: open source network backup tool

cron: linux job scheduler that can be used to automatize the backup and transfer process

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