Once you have made an Inquiry, we will get back to you with the Quoted amount and a pay now link.

Our payments are processed by Paypal! Fast, easy , secure!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all clients.

Basic fee structure

  • 49.95 EUR – for moving a dynamic site with files and one database(ex. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
  • 29.95 EUR – for moving additional databases
  • 20% discount for moving more than 2 sites at once

Advanced fee structure

  • for considerable large sites, we will send you a quote based on the amount of data to transfer
  • for moving dedicated servers, our quote will be based on the complexity of the work involved and amount of data to be moved
  • for complex jobs our hourly fee starts from 35 USD per hour

Payment agreement

  • we will only charge you the amount we have quoted you for
  • for considerable large jobs, we can schedule a payment agreement in your favour
  • all payments are processed securely through paypal


  • we offer a guarantee of 30 days for all transfered websites or applications
  • 100% satisfaction, we will refund your payment if we are unable to transfer your data

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